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ETTELAS COACHING: Life Gives Second Chances You Can Now Live!

FROM MARCUS SALETTE: Life will offer your a second act, it will seem unbelievable, old fears, thoughts and panic attacks will arise, old demands from familiar sources will expect fulfillment and even relationships will resemble past faces.

Whatever you do don’t mix to much of yesterday with your today. You’re due a fresh start and a journey uninhibited of the past same struggles. You’re coming into your own person, your own responses are not going to be out of desperation but from a purposeful choice.

Even mistakes you make now are quickly rectified because of the wisdom you’ve gained. So please stop explaining to your nay sayers…don’t justify your power to say no…just take this chance and make it count. Take your new found consciousness of self and spirit and make a life you can imagine.

No need to intimidated by your deficiencies. No need to get emotional about emerging challenges often called problems and overlooked as opportunities. Your emerging self is still evolving. Your spiritual connection has no more need for indoctrination. Your hostiles can’t find who you were because you’re finally hidden in the cleft of personal change. Fewer words exemplifies tour truest forecast of good days to come.

Your tear ducts still fill with sorrow at times for what you’ve endured, and your heart will still have remorse for your past transgressions. But your calm approach to your life will keep you free of past and future anxiety. You are ready to live. Your desire to die is dying even still. Your desire to give up and give up has vanished because your reason to live is you.

Before others controlled your choices, before others made all the demands. It’s was what others did you found yourself reacting rather than responding. In your history you were counted out. Now count yourself in and win…on your turf and terms, just win. Now say less, listen more…follow your spirit and enjoy the journey of second chances.

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We walk by faith…not by sight!

We walk by faith…not by sight!